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21 CompuTech Inc. (21 CTI) is a complete IT service provider. We have a staff of trained professionals standing by to design new systems, as well as diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades on existing systems. 21 CTI's OEM Division is always ready to provide courteous and professional service on all OEM Solutions. We also offer on-site service, along with service contracts, which cover maintenance and support of networking systems and hardware, installation and configuration of systems, and networked storage and software.

On-Site and Off-Site Service:

21 CTI offers on-site service to our customers. Our engineers and technicians will come to your site to install, diagnose, and maintain your system. On-site service contracts are also available.

21 CTI's On-Site and Off-Site Service includes: IT Help Desk Support and User Support including Hardware, Software, Networking, LAN, WAN, SAN, NAS, Backup, Failover, Disaster Recovery, Security, Trouble Shooting, Repair, Upgrades, and Maintenance. IT and Programming Support Service includes System Analysis and Design, Application Development, Application Implementation, and Application Maintenance.

IT Help Desk Methodology

21 CTI firmly believes in the value of a structured approach to IT Help Desk and Hardware Maintenance services. 21 CTI has a five-step Implementation Methodology that is easy to understand and serves as a roadmap to meet our clients� needs. We know that as an industry best practice, this implementation will influence your environment in the area of People, Process and Technology. The Implementation Methodology provides the guidelines to minimize the impact to these areas while ensuring you receive quality service and continuous improvement.


The 21 CTI methodology is based on a framework of business processes, and not on a traditional complex and inflexible methodology. The methodology is easily scaleable and flexible, as much for small enterprises as to large and complex projects. Each step is supported by different elements that are covered in the project workplan.


We begin by performing due diligence and fact finding with the client to identify the issues affecting the client�s capabilities and work processes 21 CTI partners with our client to identify the cause of the technical issues. In this stage, it is necessary to come up with as many possible explanations for the problem as possible. Consider how likely each potential cause is. Eliminate hypotheses when they are absolutely disproven. Based on the remaining hypotheses, generate possible solutions and perform testing on these solutions. 21 CTI personnel will explain the cause of the technical issue to the client, to ensure client understands the cause of the issues.


21 CTI will then work with our client to begin defining possible solutions to the problem. The most efficient and cost effective means for solving the technical issues will be utilized, minimizing both customer cost and system downtime. The best approach is to schedule testing of the most likely hypotheses immediately. Then start to perform any non-disruptive or minimally disruptive testing of hypotheses. If several of the most likely hypotheses can be tested non-disruptively, start with them. In some cases, it may be possible to test the hypothesis directly in some sort of test environment. This may be as simple as running an alternative copy of a program without overwriting the original. Or it may be as complex as setting up a near copy of the faulted system in a test lab. If a realistic test can be carried out without too great a cost in terms of money or time, it can really help nail down whether we have identified the root cause of the problem.

Depending on the situation, it may even be appropriate to test out the hypotheses by directly applying the fix associated with that problem. If this approach is used, it is important to only perform one test at a time, and back out the results of each failed hypotheses before trying the next one. Otherwise, you will not have a good handle on the root cause of the problem, and you may never be confident that it will not re-emerge at the worst possible moment. 21 CTI�s goal is to minimize the impact of all technical issues on daily workloads of the client and its employees.


The fix needs to be implemented in the least-disruptive, lowest-cost manner possible. Ideally, the fix should be performed in a way that will completely verify that the fix itself has resolved the problem. Check that the problem is resolved, and also that no new problems have been introduced. Each service should have a test suite associated with it to quickly eliminate the possibility of a new problem. Finally, document the fix. Documentation can be referenced to deal with similar problems, used to track recurring problems over time, which can help with a root cause analysis, or used to continue the troubleshooting process if it turns out that the problem was not really resolved after all. The implemented solution will be explained to the client to ensure understanding and any preventative measures will also be explained at this time.


21 CTI works to evaluate the effectiveness and measure the efficiencies of the technical solution following implementation. Follow up conversations will occur between 21 CTI and the client somewhere within 7-10 business days from the implementation of the solution to verify functionality and satisfaction.


All work performed by 21 CTI personnel is covered by 21 CTI�s standard warranty, as is all hardware provided. 21 CTI stands by the work of its employees and any technical issues which arise due to implemented solutions or upgrades will be handled by 21 CTI personnel on a case by case basis.

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