Software Solutions

The software specialists at 21 CTI deliver solutions to businesses of all magnitude and scope. We offer a wide variety of services to industries ranging from Government to Commercial. 21 CTI is your one-stop resource for software solutions.

Software Applications:

21 CTI develops solutions based on your company or your organization's specific requirements. We can use our internally developed and refined processes, or we can use your preferred standards and methods. We work with you to determine a process that will meet your project needs.

We play an active role in:

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Standards for design, development, and documentation
  • Product development processes including requirements, development, and acceptance
  • Application Areas e-government

Based on our experience with a broad range of technologies, processes and products, we can recommend the right tools for your project. 21 CTI also offers our Government and Commercial customers a Total Business Solution for all their IT needs. Our Software Application Development Team develops web applications from the front end to the back end, inclusive of either single or multi-tier infrastructures. We specialize in developing desktop database applications and client/server database applications where data is pulled down and across networks, mainframes and large databases into local databases.

Software Development Methodology:

To meet the requirements and duties of a project, 21 CTI personnel utilize 21 CTI's standard software development and maintenance methodology. This methodology consists of six phases, which are applied to every aspect of the project. These phases, in order, are designated as:

  • Planning Phase
  • Requirements Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Coding and Testing Phase
  • Live Production Phase
  • Training and Support Phase

Planning Phase

To successfully apply technology, careful consideration and planning for the needs of the project need to be performed before embarking on system acquisition and application development. 21 CTI team members perform the following services to support the design during the Planning Phase: User Needs Assessment and Data Evaluation.

Requirements Phase

21 CTI team members utilize all the information gathered before and during the initial meeting and the meetings/surveys of the intended users to perform a Business Model Analysis, Information Architecture Analysis (System Requirements Report and Software Requirements Report), and the Functional Requirements and Specification Document. The purpose of these analyses/documents is to ascertain and confirm all Hardware, Software, Business Requirements, Data Source Requirements, and any Functionality and Feature Requirements, necessary to meet the goals and objectives of the project as described in the Project Plan. These analysis, and the information gathered in the Planning Phase are utilized to formulate a functional specification for the Software Development Effort.

Design Phase

In the Design Phase, the requirements identified in the earlier stages are reviewed and utilized to begin Software Development Effort design.

To ensure that the Software Development Effort design meets the needs of the intended users, heavy collaboration between 21 CTI team members and other key personnel occurs during this time. The design of the conceptual, logical, and physical structure of the Software Development Effort involves input from all key personnel, both internally and externally. 21 CTI's standard software development methodologies and approaches, are utilized to design and develop the Software, including: Context Diagrams, Logic/Data Flow, Data Dictionary, Software Infrastructure, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Users Manual, On-Line Help File, and Technical documentation.

Coding and Testing Phase

21 CTI Team Members utilize all the diagrams, charts, documentation, and plans developed in the previous three phases to implement the Coding and Testing Phase. During this phase, the project team designs, develops, programs, and implements the source code to meet the project requirements. Particular attention is paid to the development of those modules highlighted by the client, as well as tools and needs discovered during the User Needs Assessment. All designed modules are tested thoroughly for compatibility and functionality.

Live Production Phase

Following a successful Software Acceptance Test, the Software is installed. Any necessary data conversions are performed prior to installation. Minimal interruption of business and downtime is factored in to the scheduling of the time for installation.

Training and Support Phase

21 CTI Team Members work with the client to schedule the training of personnel on the usage of the Software. This training is provided for any authorized personnel. The training is divided into two sub-sections: System Operations Training and Documentation Review. All remaining deliverables are provided to client at this time.

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