CCC mobile reader application Ver. 1.2.0 for Android OS released.

Android OS smart phones have continually showed its uplifting growth and presence globally and in the Japanese mobile market. Since the release of CCC mobile reader Japanese version on the 1st of April, Colour Code Technologies is proud to release the CCC mobile reader English and Chinese version for Android OS users outside of Japan. This application enables reading of larger CCC code types, which were not provided in the former CCC readers.

CCC Mobile Reader is an application to read and originate digital contents such as text/image/audio/HTML stored inside Color C Code (CCC) from your mobile device. All information is originated OFFLINE.

This application is a decoding tool which provides entertainment to a wide range of users. CCC mobile reader application Ver. 1.2.0 for Android OS is now available for download from the Android Market. (*This application is a Freeware)

This application is developed only to read Public CCC. Public CCC is a color code which any users are authorized for access. Supported Device Models Required

Download and Installation Method Please search for "CCC Mobile" from the Android Market.

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